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Awards Season

The Kingdom of Little Wounds Cover

I only managed to read one of the books that made YALSA's awards and runners-up this year, but just looking at the titles has expanded my to-read list. If you want quality reading, these awards are a good place to start.

2014 YALSA Award Winners
Young Adult Books Spotlight10

'Wild Things' Review

Book for young people can be surprisingly subversive, and writers for young people can be a strange group, not nearly as sweet and fluffy as some would expect. This nonfiction book looks at the history of children's and YA literature from that perspective.

'The Wrenchies' Review

In this grim and gritty dystopian graphic novel, a group of kids struggles to survive in a world decimated by plagues, while in our own world, a boy from a strict religious upbringing struggles to find his place -- which might just be in that other, post-apocalyptic place.

'Madame Tussaud's Apprentice' Review

Against the backdrop of the French Revolution, a young woman struggles to balance loyalty to the woman who saved her from the streets -- the famous Madame Tussaud -- and the dashing young man who helped her stay alive when she was forced to live as a thief.

'Meteor Men' Review

'Meteor Men' asks the question 'What if aliens came to Earth?' and the result is a retro-feel story about a teen boy and an alien that has a serious side and a surprising ending.

'I Remember Beirut' Review

Simple, stylized black and white art plus simple narration add up to a powerful memoir of a young person living in a war-torn time.

'Courtney Crumrin: The Final Spell' Review

The final volume of the Courtney Crumrin series sees Courtney fleeing from the other witches and warlocks -- including her beloved Uncle Aloysius. Along the way, she'll learn a lot not only about her own abilities, but about Uncle A's past.

'Rocket Girl: Times Squared' Review

In a future that was never supposed to happen, the cops of New York City are all teens, because no one trusts anyone over 30. One idealistic officer takes it upon herself to fix the past and let what was really supposed to happen come about, even if it means the destruction of her world.

'The Painted Boy' Review

Charles deLint blends Mexican, American, and Chinese folklore in this mythic YA novel set in the fictional border town of Santa del Vado Viejo, in which a teen boy who carries a powerful secret seeks to find his place in the world.

'Doll Bones' Review

This middle grade novel about three friends on a creepy quest will appeal to readers of all ages, including teens.

'Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer' (complete edition) Review

There is a plague of undead spreading across the land, and only enchanted wooden stakes can kill the vampires. In fact, only the enchanted wood that a puppet boy is made from will work, but fortunately, that puppet has good reason to want to kill vampires.

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